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Lešení PERI UP v pozemním stavitelství

PERI UP v pozemním stavitelství - Modulové lešení pro mnohostranné nasazení na stavbě

The modular scaffolding kit for versatile use on construction sites

Scaffolding for many different types of applications are needed at the construction site. This ranges from shoring for the load transfer of surface or point loads through safe workplaces to comfortable access. As a modular scaffolding kit with only a few elements that can be flexibly combined, PERI UP offers solutions for all fields of application. We will show you different possible applications for different construction phases.

Continuous support provided in all project phases

Our services and performance are projectspecifically compiled overall concepts which bring our customers decisive competitive advantages. We also support the contractors and site management during the construction phase and continuously throughout the whole project.

The sales engineer is the main point of contact for our customers; he has profound specialist knowledge and knows the requirements and needs of the project parties. The extensive network of sales engineers thus ensures close proximity to the users along with providing reliable support.

Requirements are analyzed on a project-related basis, solution proposals are created and the price-performance ratio is carefully considered. Detailed discussions with the sales engineers, experts from specialist departments and the site management result in optimised and cost-effective scaffolding solutions.

PERI UP v pozemním stavitelství

PERI UP for building construction projects – The modular scaffolding kit for versatile use on construction sites

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The PERI UP scaffolding kit – The flexible scaffolding system for versatile use

With its metric grid dimensions, the PERI UP scaffolding system has been optimized for ensuring a high level of flexibility during use. The rectangular ledgers not only have a static function but also provide support for the decking at any position.

The main components – standards, ledgers and decking – have a uniform length and width grid arrangement of 25 cm or 50 cm. This grid also continues in a vertical direction in the form of the rosette spacings on the standards.

Gravity Lock for safe & fast ledger installation

PERI UP Ledgers have a connection in the form of a wedge which is hooked into the rosette opening. Thereby, the Gravity Lock drops into the rosette opening due to its own weight and is self-locking. This ensures that on-site assembly is easy and safe. The wedge is then secured in position with one blow of a hammer.

Simple and safe installation and dismantling of decks with protection against lifting

The integrated clamp engages the rectangular ledger and thus secures the position of the decking. PERI UP decks are also secured against lifting after installation without requiring any additional components. In addition, individual scaffold bays can subsequently be removed if required, e.g. for bringing in materials.

Twelve different connection options in the node area

Four ledgers and node braces respectively can be connected directly to each rosette node. In addition, a further four ledger braces can be optionally connected directly to the ledgers.

A scaffolding kit for various applications

The number of components which are to be stored, moved on site and transported is decisive for ensuring efficient execution of the scaffolding work as well as operational cost-effectiveness.

With PERI UP Flex, only a few system components are needed to implement very different applications of the contractor in a cost-effective way. Thanks to its enormous flexibility, the scaffolding system is used for complex building geometries such as balconies or oriels but also for manifold industrial applications of all kinds. The very low number of parts reduces the assembly and investment costs and increases the utilization rate.

Numerous well thought-out details add up to cost-effective and safe working with PERI UP.

Tension-proof connections are used to connect the standards to each other. Thus, complete units can be preassembled safely and quickly on the ground and then joined together to form larger scaffold units. Due to the high rigidity of the ledger connections, even large-sized scaffold units can be moved by crane.

Also for Easy Frame, the rosette-like shape of the scaffold node is integrated in the frame. The system offers a particularly high degree of safety with the self-locking decking, the ledger with Gravity Lock and the complete, level covering of work areas.

Safety throughout the product life cycle

With the PERI UP system technology, PERI has demonstrated that safety does not preclude cost-effectiveness in any way. Fact is that the best solution for the customer is always the safest.

At the same time, PERI understands safety in a processual sense whereby PERI engineering and scaffolding technology is integrated into the project and construction site processes of the customers in a timely and targeted manner.

A functioning safety concept covers all aspects of the entire product life cycle. It has to be fully integrated – therefore we also take into consideration topics such as legal certainty and future viability. Binding offers and clearly regulated criteria for rental and return of materials also offer you security. All items can also be rented on a project-related basis. Take advantage of our simple work preparation procedure and execution control using our PERI software for scaffolding planning. Standardized parts lists along with easy and quick ordering options as well as return deliveries allow optimised personnel deployment and material usage.

Hohe Materialauslastung

High degree of material utilization

With only one scaffolding system, identical connection logic and a minimum of system components, a wide range of applications can be realized.


Legal certainty

PERI provides complete and comprehensive documentation which takes into consideration all current standards, requirements and regulations. In addition, this serves as an optimum basis for customer-specific construction site documentation such as assembly instructions and risk assessment.


Employee protection

Lightweight individual components for fatigue-free working, integrated user safety and an easily understandable system with design-related logical assembly sequences ensure a high level of employee satisfaction.



State-of-the-art production and inspection processes ensure that PERI systems are subsequently suitable for the tough everyday operations on the jobsite and can be reliably used. The entire process of the serial production that follows is subject to continuous quality assurance.

Construction site equipment and access

At the beginning of the construction site, PERI UP scaffolding towers can be used for construction and advertising signs just as well as for cable and pipeline bridges. Stair towers with flexible widths and heights as well as trench bridges enable safe access to the construction site.

Se základními díly lešení PERI UP mohou být vytvořeny různé věže pro cedule a reklamní bannery, nebo kabelové lávky a vedení potrubí. Schodišťové věže s různými rozměry a přemostění příkopů zajišťují bezpečný přístup na stavbu.

Construction and advertising signs

Strom- und Kommunikationskabel sowie Wasser-, Gas- oder Druckluftleitungen können durch Leitungsbrücken zwischen Gebäude oder über Fahrwege gespannt werden, so dass die Versorgung von Gebäuden sichergestellt ist.

Cable and pipeline bridges

Komfortable Treppenzugänge mit gleich- oder gegenläufigen Treppenstufen lassen sich einfach mit PERI UP Elementen erstellen. Die Einzelteile lassen sich leicht transportieren, die Wangen werden einzeln als geschlossenes Stufenprofil montiert.

Container access, scaffolding access and staircases

Die PERI UP Flex Grabenbrücke dient als temporärer und sicherer Übergang über Baugräben oder Baugruben mit 6 m und 9 m Spannweite. Die Brücke wird komplett aus PERI UP Systembauteilen zusammengebaut und kann im Ganzen per Kran versetzt werden.

Trench bridges

Building shells and finishing work

As the construction site proceeds, the basic parts are modified into temporary access, stair towers or a stairwell staircase. During the building of the shells, the modules are turned into reinforcement scaffolding, facade scaffolding or a project-specific solution. For loads, PERI UP can be combined into shoring towers, shoring or heavy-duty prop. As an interim solution, the weather-protection roof protects against influences from the outside.

Mit PERI UP können verschiedene Zugänge in der Rohbauphase realisiert werden. Durch gegen- oder gleichläufige Treppen, fein abgestuften Etagen im Rastermaß von 25 cm und 75 cm Treppenbreite, sind Treppentürme auch in verwinkelten Geometrien möglich.


Im Rohbau lassen sich mit PERI UP temporäre Bautreppen erstellen. Das 25 cm Raster ermöglicht komplett geschlossene Beläge für maximale Sicherheit.

Stairwell staircases for access and finishing

Selbsttragende Bewehrungsgerüste lassen sich auf der Baustelle für das Bewehren von Beton, Anbringen von Schalungen und beim Betonieren einsetzen. Die aus PERI UP Basiselementen zusammengesetzten Gerüste lassen sich durch zugfeste Verbindungen komplett durch einen Kran umsetzen.

Reinforcement scaffolding

Für Stützarbeiten beim Decken- oder Brückenbau lassen sich aus den PERI UP Modulkomponenten Stütztürme und Tragegerüste erstellen. Der Rosettknoten erlaubt eine Anpassung an verschiedene Geometrien in allen 3 Dimensionen.

Shoring towers, linked towers and spatial shoring

Stütztürme für den Abtrag hoher Lasten können durch die PERI UP Module in leichten Einzelteilen montiert werden. Durch die stabile Verankerung der Horizontalriegel und Beläge können vormontierte Teile komplett per Kran versetzt werden.

Shoring towers, shoring towers with additional frames

PERI UP Schwerlaststützen werden den Anforderungen entsprechend aus PERI UP Vertikalstielen in passender Länge und leichten Systembauteilen zusammengestellt. Einfacher Transport und Aufbau, hohe Tragfähigkeit bis 200 kN zeichnen sie aus.

Heavy-duty props

Mit den Teilen des PERI UP Modulbaukastens lassen sich individuelle und projektspezifische Lösungen umsetzen. Durch das feine Systemraster der Riegel und Beläge und den 8-fach anschließbaren Rosettknoten bietet das System eine hohe Anpassbarkeit an die Bauwerksgeometrie.

Project-specific solutions using system and component combinations

Das flexible System von PERI UP erlaubt Fassadengerüste auch an schwierigen Architekturen mit Auskragungen oder schrägen Außenwänden. Durch die flexiblen Rosettknoten und auf 25 cm abgestuften Riegel und Beläge werden nahezu keine Kupplungen benötigt.

Facade scaffolding for complex ground plans and architecture

Als Fassadengerüst für längenorientierte Architekturen lassen sich die Basiselemente des PERI UP Systems effektiv kombinieren. Die leichten Einzelteile und das vorlaufend montierte Geländer bieten Schutz, Sicherheit und Ergonomie beim Aufbau.

Length-based facade scaffolding

Als temporärer Schutz bietet das PERI UP Wetterschutzdach während der Rohbauphase Schutz vor Regen, Schnee oder Hitze. Die Elemente können per Hand verschoben werden. Die Dachbahnen sind in motorisierter Variante einfach auf- und abrollbar, eine beheizte Variante verringert die Belastung durch Schnee im Winter.

Weather protection roofs

Renovation and refurbishment

During refurbishment work, the PERI UP modules are combined to become a work scaffold, optionally also with castors. Stairwell staircases with completely closed bays or heavy-duty props open up new fields of application. During the refurbishment of a roof, the temporary weather-protection roof holds off rain, snow or heat.

Aus den Systembauteilen können Arbeitsbühnen in verschiedenen Höhen und Abmessungen kombiniert werden. Durch optionale Rollen sind diese auch manuell verschiebbar.

Working platforms

In der Sanierungsphase werden aus den PERI UP Basiskomponenten Bau- und Ausbautreppen. Stiele, Riegel und Beläge ergänzt um die leichten PERI UP Flex Treppenläufe erlauben eine vielfältige Anpassung an die vorhandenen Treppenlöcher.

Stairwell staircases

PERI UP Schwerlaststützen werden den Anforderungen entsprechend aus PERI UP Vertikalstielen in passender Länge und leichten Systembauteilen zusammengestellt. Einfacher Transport und Aufbau, hohe Tragfähigkeit bis 200 kN zeichnen sie aus.

Heavy-duty props

Bei Renovierungen schützt das PERI UP Wetterschutzdach sicher vor Regen, Hagel, Schnee und starker Sonneneinstrahlung.

Weather protection roofs

Logistic accessories for every construction phase

Transport containers

The transport containers provide the perfect system for the storage and transportation of the PERI UP elements. Small parts can be stored in Euro pallet size crate pallets. Lengthy parts such as floor decking or standards are safely stored in frame pallets.

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