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Construction site equipment and access

At the beginning of the construction site, PERI UP scaffolding towers can be used for construction and advertising signs just as well as for cable and pipeline bridges. Stair towers with flexible widths and heights as well as trench bridges enable safe access to the construction site.

Construction and advertising signs

  • Temporary scaffold towers for information and advertising boards
  • Can be realized for different geometries and heights
  • Can be anchored in ballast bodies by means of prestressed steel

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Cable and pipeline bridges

  • For safe crossing and straddling of access roads when using sensitive pipelines and electric cables
  • Span widths can be adapted to match project requirements
  • Combination possibilities with formwork components, e.g. push-pull props

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Container access, scaffolding access and staircases

  • Temporary access with 100 cm or 125 cm system widths and separate landings for accommodating high usage by site personnel and convenient transport of materials
  • Assembly as a 10-legged stair tower according to the standard configuration with heights up to 50 m for a maximum load of 3.0 kN/m²
  • Fast assembly with stringers and lightweight individual steps that securely interlock without any additional components
  • Closed step profile prevents any material falling through

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Trench bridges

  • Temporary, safe crossing means for excavation pits or excavation trenches
  • Standard configuration with 6.00 m and 9.00 m spans for a maximum permissible load of 2.00 kN/m²
  • High level of safety through decking with integrated protection against lifting and non-slip surfaces as well as toe boards along the walkway
  • Robust against weather conditions due to timber-free construction
  • The width of 1.00 m provides comfortable access, also when transporting materials and when site personnel pass each other
  • Can easily be moved as a complete unit by crane

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PERI UP v pozemním stavitelství

PERI UP for building construction projects – The modular scaffolding kit for versatile use on construction sites

More than 30 pages of valuable expertise - compact, clear and practice-oriented.


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